Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Welcome to our Crafting and Blogging Adventures

These two crafting girls are Rina (left) and Brianna (right). We met in graduate school and instantly connected. Despite our 4 year difference (because it really makes a difference) we seemed to be on the same level. LOL. While the stresses of grad school were getting to us, we began trying to find ways of keeping our sanity. You see, we were in a condensed program that required ALL of our time for classes and internship. This left us both with very little personal time. The problem was that we both needed personal time because we are both married and have lives that need tending to. Because school was driving us crazy (understatement), we needed to find some kind out outlet and we needed to find it fast. What started with Brianna's obsession of crocheting has developed into so much more.We have since graduated with our Masters but have continued our crafting adventures, wherever they may take us.

Well, there lies the problem... Brianna is a military wife and will be getting stationed around the country with her family. Our amazing friendship must continue and grow into an even better one! 

So, seeing as we both love crafting together and won't be able to do it the traditional way anymore, we decided on blogging about our crafting adventures. So we guess that this is our blog. Although it will mainly focus on our crafting adventures, don't be surprised if it gets personal at times. We hope you enjoy reading our blogs and seeing where our crafting takes us.

     I'm 27, married to my wonderfully crazy husband Todd (going on 4 years) and have a pet bird Comet. I have always been a crafter for as long as I can remember. My mom is the same way, which is where I probably got it from. As my husband says, I can never stick to one thing. This is true, which is why I fell in love with Pinterest. It opened up my crafting adventures to many more possibilities. I am no where near a professional blogger nor crafter but hope that that helps others looking for a more real crafting experience. My husband and I just purchased a home here in Florida and have really seen the costs of new home ownership. 
In a grand effort to save money, my husband and I have been doing A LOT of DIY projects. They may not all be fun crafting projects but sometimes you just have to get dirty.

     I am Brianna and am 23 years old, a wife of a United States Coast Guardsman, and a momma of a beautiful little girl. Originally from the sunny state of California, I attended college in Michigan where I met my now husband. From there, he joined the Coast Guard and we have been embarking on many adventures exploring new people and places. 
     I have never been a crafty or artistic sort of person, nor have I ever had many hobbies (wow I sound boring!). On a whim, I recently decided to head to the craft store, pick up crochet supplies, and teach myself to crochet. At last, out of nowhere, after 23 years of boring existence struggling to find a hobby I was both good at as well as enjoyed, crocheting came to me! From there, I discovered Pinterest and all it's DIY wonder! Now, I am exploring new projects that are not only cheaper, but look better when homemade! 

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